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1950-1951 Muncie Central State Champions

1950-1951 Muncie Central State Champions

Babe Ruth & Bucky Crouse major league
Local Muncie baseball team champions

Timeline of Delaware Country Athletics Hall of Fame


The first board meeting of the Delaware County Athletic Hall of Fame was held in the Muncie Central High School Board Room in 1976.  Those in attendance for this occasion were:

  • John Walker

  • Burl Clark

  • Roberta Falls

  • Bob Heeter

  • Charles Donovan

  • John Stebbins

  • Francis Lafferty

  • Leo Mench

  • Odie Barnett

  • Rollin Gill Sr.

  • Aaron Belcher


After a series of meetings, a decision was made to pursue establishing an Athletic Hall of Fame in Delaware County and to pursue the development of a constitution and by-laws and eventually articles of incorporation. The first elected officers to serve were

  • Francis Lafferty: Chairman

  • Aaron Belcher: Vice President

  • Burl Clark: Treasurer


Articles of Incorporation were approved in 1991. The Delaware County Hall of Fame is also designed as a non-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Code.   The Hall of Fame has been located at various places in the community:

  • Hotel Roberts

  • White River Plaza

  • Lobby of the Horizon Center

Present Day

Presently the Hall of Fame does not have a physical location. We would appreciate any memorabilia that would be directly related to any athletic connection of any of the 13 high schools of our county.  We provide storage in a climatically controlled environment. Please click on the Memorabilia link to see pictures of memorabilia that has been graciously donated to us.   The stars on the logo for the Delaware County Athletic Hall of Fame represent the original thirteen high schools in Delaware County.  The lines going through the blue logo on the home page represent the state highways that pass through Delaware County, Indiana.   Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter for information, nominations, inductees, scholarships and other local sports happenings!

Delaware County Athletic Hall of Fame Logos and Their Meanings

The Delaware County Athletic Hall of Fame has two logos that were
specifically designed to represent all of Delaware County.

The primary logo of the athlete circled by stars and headed by our name for
example has a significant purpose. Each of the stars in the circle of stars
represents the original thirteen (13) public high schools in Delaware County.
Albany, Center, Cowan, Daleville, Desoto, Eaton, Gaston, Harrison, Muncie
Burris, Muncie Central, Royerton, Selma and Yorktown. The star at each end
of the header represent Muncie Southside and Muncie Northside which were
added as Muncie grew. This makes the logo inclusive of all of the public high
schools in Delaware County.

The circle with the lines is the secondary logo. The circle represents all of
Delaware County and the lines represent the various highways that ran
through Delaware County in the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Highways 3, 28, 35,
and 67 revealing how all of Delaware County is connected

DCHOF Vintage Logo
Delaware Couny Athletic Hall of Fame Loos & Their Meanig
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