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Hall of Fame Nomination Process

The Delaware County Hall of Fame is unique in the fact that it seeks to honor men and women of the sport long after the roar of the crowd becomes silent.  Delaware County, Indiana has a rich tradition in athletics and our organization seeks to honor those candidates who have distinguished themselves.

The Process:

1. Once a candidate's online Nomination/Application form has been completed and submitted online prior to the March 1st deadline for submission, the candidate's name will be placed on the ballot for that year.

2. The board holds a selection balloting meeting the first week of April each year.

3. Any candidate who receives 75% of the board members' votes during the balloting process is elected for induction to the hall of fame.

4. All candidates who do not receive a sufficient number of votes during the balloting process will automatically be placed on the ballot for the next year.  A candidate can remain on the ballot for up to 10 years unless they are elected.  All documentation submitted will be retained for consideration on each ballot and can be updated by the candidate at any time.

2024 Nominations Closed

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